Your direct connection to your customers

In this thriving era of modern trade, brands are fast losing their ability to shape consumer behaviors.

This is primarily due to eCommerce platforms and aggregators owning the customers. But this doesn’t stop here. Not only do they use vital customer data, but they are also moving fast into private labels to increase their margins.

How are brands reacting?

In their bid to reduce this “power of the middle-man”, brands are adopting several strategies, including D2C and increased focus on brand storytelling. However, most brands realize that their best bet is to create a lasting and fruitful connection with the users of their products.

Smart brands are investing in building and nurturing their own communities to better understand who they are and what they want from the brand.


Muhimma Solution

Muhimma has invested in a technology platform that is helping several brands across different retail sub-sectors to build, nurture and grow their own communities.

Our technology platform is based on open architecture and a modular design. At the core of the platform is an API gateway that allows information exchange between your internal and external systems.

The platform’s modular architecture has allowed us to innovate new services to address unique requirements of a diversified and growing customerbase. All services leverage a common set of base services that allows brands to grow their engagement with their community members.

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