Data Analysis

Are you treating data as an asset yet?

Most executives recognize the importance of data for their business’s success. But few treat it as a real business asset. Here are the 4 key reasons why.


Inability to introduce a data culture


Lack of alignment between business & IT


Pursuit of
short-term business objectives


High costs associated with data analytics

Muhimma’s Solutions

Muhimma helps brands and retailers drive value out of transaction, customer service, eCommerce, loyalty, social media, Google and market research data.

We collect data from a multitude of sources, clean it and build custom models using advanced business intelligence (BI) tools, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and large language models (LLM) to analyze it.

Results of analysis are run through subject matter experts who contextualize data in the form of business insights.

We then share these insights as easy to understand data stories and interactive dashboards.


Here are some of our AI, ML and
NLP powered data solutions.

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eCommerce Intelligence

As more consumers buy more online, success pivots on determining which products to sell online and the pricing strategy to follow.

66 (1)

Campaign analysis

Get the most out of your marketing technology investments. Understand which campaigns yield best conversion rates.

22 (1)

Basket analysis

Make customers buy more from you—optimize your basket composition and increase revenue per customer.

44 (1)

Social pulse

Shape your brand with social media chatter to resonate with the audience’s needs and interests. Dominate your category on social platforms.

33 (1)

Loyalty analytics

Understand your loyal customers. Reward them right. Figure out how more customers can take successful purchase journeys.


Shopper Review Analysis

Use customer reviews of your stores to analyze trends of store KPI achievement. Gather insights and recommendations for store performance improvement.

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